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Planet Drum Yearly Membership

Planet Drum Membership supports:

  • Our role in helping establish the “green city” initiative in Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador, including revegetation, recycling and composting, environmental education, and alternative energy projects, and more.
  • Planet Drum’s ability to connect people with environmental and bioregional information or volunteer opportunities.
  • Development of our extensive office library, available to the public, members and hundreds of international visitors.
  • Ongoing consultation about bioregional concepts and questions via postal mail, email, and telephone.
  • Bioregional presentations worldwide.
  • Progress towards publication of three new books which include a hands-on environmental education teacher’s guide, a new collection of Peter Berg’s Green City essays, and his dispatches from Ecuador.
  • Updated news, essays, and information about Planet Drum, its projects and publications at www.planetdrum.org.

Planet Drum Members receive:

  • PLANET DRUM PULSE – A truly interactive newsletter that includes your letters and articles, planetary bioregional updates, reviews, humor and the latest on what Planet Drum is doing inside the office and around the world.
  • INQUIRIES & REFERRALS – Personal assistance with answers to your questions, information about bioregional groups and members living near you, referrals to expertise, references to books and other resources, and contacts for further help … by mail, telephone, fax, website or email. 
  • DISCOUNT - 25% on all Planet Drum publications and events.
  • REDUCED RATES - For talks, workshops and performances.


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